What Makes Our program Special?

Founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives at MNCs, Gilda VC’s vision is to invest in developing an entire ecosystem. Gilda 360, a founder-centric initiative is a component of this ecosystem and is aimed directly at uplifting, mentoring and funding high growth-potential startups and take them to the next level.

What Makes our Program Special?

1 on 1 Personalized Mentorship

Gilda 360 provides you the opportunity to select your own mentorship sessions with our diverse pool of international and local experts. We connect you with experienced founders, VCs, and industry leaders. Our mentors specialize in wide range of areas from products to marketing to sales. Our mentorship sessions will help you iron out the wrinkles and lay down a rock-solid foundation upon which to grow your startup, At Gilda 360 you have access to valuable ideas, suggestions and support from the actual success stories; people who have done it all before.

Quality mentorship can be a game-changer during the early stages of a start-up’s journey. Gilda 360 ensures that you receive the specific, personalized mentorship and guidance that your start-up needs to excel.

Education and Training

Our 12-week residential acceleration program is optimally designed to cover all the necessary training you need to be able to grow your startup and make your mark in the industry.

We dedicate an initial 3 weeks towards intensive coaching and training sessions, in which you will be exposed to a wide range of aspects such as sales, branding, product design, growth, funding, etc. These intensive sessions will equip you with the necessary knowledge and know-how pertaining to crucial aspects of business.

While the trainers and mentors at Gilda 360 are forces to be reckoned with, there is no denying that experience is the best teacher! The subsequent 6 weeks of the program focuses on providing you that invaluable experience, helping you learn through experimentation.These six weeks will also include optional networking sessions and a chance to test out your learning through practical application.  

The program will then round off with another 3 weeks of intensive training during which we evaluate your performance. This ensures you are on the right track, and provides your start-up with the initial hand-holding guidance that will enable you to scale greater heights.

Strong Network building

Gilda 360 also gives you a hand while you build the strong network that your growing startup needs for support. We help by providing connections to industry clients both locally and internationally. We also provide you with opportunities to network with government bodies, mentors, partners, and potential investors though our exclusive events and co-working engagements. Gilda 360 will help you find the investors who are interested in your ideas, and who want to be a part of your journey. We want to bring business development opportunities to your doorstep,  and this includes helping you find funding and investors whenever you need them.
A huge part of business is about connecting with the right people at the right time. Gilda 360 is the perfect program to help you make those vital connections and accelerate your startup.

Financial Acceleration (Funding)

Gilda 360 understands how essential it is for a startup to be able to gather the funds it needs, which is why we are committed towards helping you find investors. We make a significant financial investment ourselves, while simultaneously providing you with connections to other influential VCs before whom you can pitch your business ideas. Our mentors know what makes an excellent pitch and by the time you’re through with Gilda 360’s training, you will also be perfectly well-equipped and positioned to pitch for the finances that your startup needs.
Not only does Gilda 360 give you a much-needed boost in your journey to find funding, our partnerships and connections ensure that your costs towards functions such as marketing, hosting and managing finances are limited, leaving you with more valuable funding to direct towards your growth and goals. In other words, Gilda 360’s program will ensure that a lack of money does not hold your startup back from achieving its maximum potential.

Exclusive offerings

We have a wide and esteemed network of partners, which opens the door for you to receive a variety of exclusive benefits and offerings. Co-founders will benefit from cloud credits, marketing services, legal support, design & analytical services and others, all through our partner organizations. 

Our Support? Always!

Gilda 360 is a startup accelerator program but your journey with us continues far beyond that. Although the training program will end, Gilda 360 will continue to be your support system. To prove that our commitment doesn’t come with an expiry date of 12 weeks, we have the Gilda VC portal to help startups connect with angel investors and a VC arm that can provide support with follow-on funding. Our aim is not merely to start you off, but to stay with you throughout your startup journey.
Community-building is extremely important to us, and we’d like to welcome you to be a continued member of our community.